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Rotary - Membership Challenge Week 12 of 13 Update
Rotary - Membership Challenge Week 11 of 13 Update - June 13th,
Rotary - Membership Challenge Week 10 of 13 Update - June 6th,
Rotary - Membership Challenge Week 8/9 of 13 Update - June 4th

Dan Sulger, District Membership Chair

You Guys are the BEST

Email message from 06-25-18


So here I am writing the update for Week 12 of this Challenge.  I can't tell you how humbled I am by so many people telling me the enjoy my short blurbs about membership.  Each time someone says, "Hey, You're the Membership Guy, thanks for the smile you give me each week" I am reminded what a GREAT Organization Rotary is and what an EXTRAORDINARY Family I am part of.

Thank you all!!

To the Numbers:
So as clubs are preparing for 7/1 the membership rolls are getting cleaned.  A very good thing since a new year should start of clean with nothing but possibilities and potential.

Unfortunately, it does have impact on our numbers:
















How often do you have an opportunity to dig in and change things at the last moment?  Well we all do now.  At time of this email we have 5 days to Rock the District by bringing in New Members.

In the words of the Great Southern Philosopher, "Get 'er Done!!"


Tip O'the Week

Look around, who in your life would you most like to spend more time with?  Enjoy Life With?  Share your Passions With?  Those are the people that you should bring into our Rotary Family.

One of my many Rotary Mentors during a Change of Command recently mentioned that we all have such busy lives.  There is no better way to spend free time than with Rotarians.

How lucky am I to have so many people such as you in my life?  Mentors, Friends - Family.

Have a GREAT Week!!

The email guy!! J




Email message from 06-13-18


There are number of changes from last week.  Everyone is doing a GREAT job.  We are up by six new members.

We are up 6 net Members this week

Week 10

April =  8                    May = 15                    June = -1        Totals = 22

In Green = 19                        In Red = 9


Week 11

April = 14                   May = 8                      June = 6         Total = 28

In Green = 21                        In Red = 7

A lot has happened in the last week.

Week  10  - Top 3                                        Week 11 -  Top 3

1 - Tallahassee = 7                                       1 - Tallahassee = 8
2 - Gulf Breeze = 6                                      2 - Pensacola Five Flags = 6
3 - Pensacola Five Flags = 4                       3 - Gulf Breeze = 3


Tip O'the Week



Have you ever driven by a house that has a lot of cars parked outside and said, "now they seem to be having fun.  I wonder what's going on??"

Many of the meetings I have attended are in restaurants, hotels open areas/meeting rooms, or office spaces.

Celebrate, clap and laugh as much as you can.  Perhaps someone will say, "boy those folks are having fun.  I'm gonna see what is going on."  Be that house with all the cars out front.

Invite them into the meeting!  Don't worry about telling them all about Rotary.  Just have fun together.    If there are people walking by, invite them in.  Offer them a drink, dare I say a meal.  No obligations - just one more person to add to the fun.  At the very least you will give them a reason to smile and give them a story to tell.  Help them have a better day.  Isn't that a form of community service?  I think so.


Speaking of Service - How can I help??

Seriously - The District 6940 Membership Chair

Fun Version - The guy who fills up your email each week. 

Have a GREAT Week!!!


Email message from 06-06-18

You may be saying, didn't I just get one of Dan's Amazingly poignant emails. OK so you are probably saying, really another email so quickly. This guy has too much time on his hands. :)

Time for reflection and review of the numbers; this week I am going to embed the spreadsheet right into the email so that you can review it at a glance.

It is easy to focus on the red or zero's but I suggest you take a look at all the green in this picture. So many clubs have done such a great job and I know that EVERY club has tried!!!

The bottom line is as we find ourselves in the middle of the first week June and we are down 3 net members from last week. But even as I am typing this message to you I have received an email stating a club is inducting a new member to the Rotary Family!! To quote the movie, "Never Give Up, Never Surrender" (if you know the movie I'm quite impressed). We are people of ACTION. We do the impossible every day! There is still plenty of time to give someone the gift of a Rotary membership. There is plenty of time to give someone the ability to change the world!! All you have to do is ask that special person!!

Tip O'the Week -

In the words of so many clubs in our district I give you #5 in The 4 Way Test - "HAVE FUN". We are about to start a brand new year. We have accomplished so much this year!! Get ready for the coming year. As always, it's gonna be even better. Enjoy the fellowship by bringing that special person to a meeting. Who doesn't like to celebrate with friends, bring more friends and increase the size of the party.

As Always, Here to Help - Just say the word!!


Email message from 06-04-18
You missed my emails, right?!?!?!

Sorry I missed these weeks, seems email works better when you send things to everyone versus just to your self. LOL

So here we are entering into our final month of the Rotary Year. The time when current Presidents are gathering up a record of all the great things their club has done and are practicing handing the trusty gavel to our current Presidents-Elect. LOL The Club Secretaries are also very busy making sure their membership lists are up to date. How do you know this you ask?? Well let me tell you.

If you look at the numbers:

Week 7 - April 12 May 16 Total 28
Weeks 8/9 - April 08 May 17 Total 25

Though normal for this time of year. It means we all have to work harder to bring in new members. We are net 38 members down from last year. We can do this, I know we can. We are people of ACTION. I still get emails every day from people who are adding members. So many clubs are a member or two below their goals. One or two net new members are all you need to have your Rotary club year-end on a high membership note.

Tip O'the Week:

A dear friend and fellow Disney nut suggested I expand on a story that I relayed to all of you a few weeks back,

To paraphrase, "One Member can Make a Difference and Every Member Should Try". What would the world look like if Clem Renouf had not had a simple idea?

I've never heard of this guy? If he had changed the world I surely would have heard about him!!!

Well Sir Renouf changed many things, not the least of which was millions of lives of people on this planet. Below is a story of his efforts.


Clem Renouf, Rotary International President in 1978-79 dreamed of eradicating Polio from the Philippines. He worked through the Philippine Health Organization, and with a Rotary Foundation Grant in 1978 the Philippine Government joined Rotary International in a 5-year project to eradicate Polio from the Philippines by immunizing all of the children. The strategy for the Philippine Project was developed, and the necessary resources were marshaled to implement the plan.

In 1979, at the Rotary Convention in Rome, Italy, when Jim Bomar was the incoming President of RI, PDG Jun Tambunting met with President Sergio Mulish of the Rotary Club of Rome. During that meeting, President Sergio announced that the ROTARIANS OF ROME was ready to help the children of the Philippines and they had 500,000 polio vaccines ready to be airlifted to the Philippines.

In a few weeks, the vaccines arrived in Manila. PDG Jun Tambunting and PDG Benny Santos were on hand to pick up the polio vaccine at the airport together with the senior officers of the Department of Health. Six months later another 500,000 vaccines were delivered, for a total of one million from Rome.

In 1980-1985, after Rotary International (RI) approved the 3H program, to immunize six million children in the Philippines PDG Jun Tambunting was appointed as the 3H Chairman (Health). With the help of the Department of Health, which had the lists of children below 5 years in all barangays (villages) in the country. The Philippines was the first country to have its children immunized from Polio and other dreaded diseases.

In 1984, Rotary International President Carlos Canseco who was considered to be the “Father of Polio Immunization” launched the polio plus project in the Kansas City convention.

Awarded at the convention was Doctor Albert Sabin, who developed the oral Polio “live” vaccine. He told Jun that “there is no organization that can eradicate Polio, but Rotary”. And Rotary’s goal was to eliminate polio by the 100th Year Anniversary of Rotary in 2005.

"With the Philippine project, a strategy was developed to attack polio and the necessary resources were marshaled to implement the plan. Thanks to the efforts of Filipino Rotarians, the immunization effort was a tremendous success.

Rotary International learned a great deal from the Philippine experiment. It wasn't long before Rotary International Board of Directors decided to undertake the extra ordinary task of providing enough vaccine to immunize virtually all of the developing world's children against polio forever.

Need more??

The other day I had the pleasure of dining with a number of great folks at the Pensacola Suburban West Rotary Club. A gentleman, who I will not embarrass by releasing his name, said (here too I am paraphrasing) after reading down a list of service projects of the last several years that he was honored to participate in; "Why would you not want to give someone the opportunity to feel what I feel by reading this list 20 years from now".

We all have our Rotary Moments, caulk up another one for me after hearing him speak.

Why would we not want to give someone that opportunity? What would have happened if no one had invited Sir Renouf to a meeting? That person could be your neighbor, your spouse/partner, your mentor, your mentee, and/or could be that person who you know who that shares your passion for service!!

90% of Rotarians never invite people to a meeting. Let's break the mold. Let's give 38 friends, neighbors, family members, and/or colleagues the opportunity to have that humble pride or the ability to change the world!!

It's simple, "Hey ya wanna go have a great meal and meet some amazing people?? You'll be glad you did."

As always, here to help,

Your friendly neighborhood Membership Chair

PS - If you have read this far, thank you. I have attached some cool documents from RI to this email for your review.
RI - Distance to Mmbership Goals pdf
RI - Net New Members to Goal pdf
District 6940 - Member Challenge - Week 8 and 9 Update Excel file

As you know, I am here to help!!! Please give me a call, shoot me an email, and/or send up a smoke signal if you need help!!


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